About us

C-MODUL is company well-established in the rail transport markets (railways, trams, subways etc.) and in markets where safe control systems takes place (energy, chemical and pharmaceutical industry). It builds on the 25-year history of the work of its founders in the field of automation and safe control systems.

Our competitive advantage is:

  • reliability and speed
  • readiness and willingness to resolve any customer need
  • win-win strategy
  • ransparent and simple company structure – easy communication and personal relationships
  • qualification (high level of education, language skills and longstanding experience in the field)
  • know-how and innovation (high-end products and services)


„We work for the best“


„Our mission is helping people find the best solution for achieving their goals. We want to accomplish it by continuous development of new technologies, products and services that enable customers to improve their work processes and outcomes of their business.“


  • We want our name to be a guarantee of quality and reliability.
  • We want to be a leading supplier of high-end and modern solutions in the field of interlocking systems and automation control systems in general.
  • We want to be flexible in providing our services from components up to turnkey delivery
  • Our future is based on principle of continuous learning and improvement, upkeeping of qualified management and building high-quality team of qualified and highly motivated employees. Our company wants to continue the tradition of building know-how by supporting employees in broadening their knowledge and generalizing their experiences.
  • We want our product to be honored and appreciated by our customers in the future for its exceptional quality and innovation.

1975 Development of Automatic Systems of Control in AK Slusovice

1985 Start of Development of Computer Controlled Interlocking

1990 Foundation of the Company C-MODUL

1992 Commissioning of the First Electronic Interlocking MODEST - the First Computer Controlled Interlocking in the Central and Eastern Europe

2000 Commissioning of the Fully Electronic Interlocking MODEST-PES (Relay Interfaces were substituted by Electronic Ones)

2000 Foundation of the Company Prvni Signalni, a.s.

2003 Commissioning of the First Fully Electronic Marshalling System MODEST-MARSHAL

2006 Installation of the Interlocking MODEST-APPOLO (SIL3)

2009 Release of the Unified Safety Platform NEXUS

2010 First Installation of the Local Point-setting System SmartSwitch