Social Responsibility

C-MODUL is successful company. And not only that. We can not only establish ourselves on the market in fierce competition thanks to exceptional abilities or our employees but we also know our responsibility towards society. We therefore support education, science, culture and sport.

We feel that our biggest responsibility is towards people who were not so lucky and could not make their dreams come true and who have to overcome great obstacles. We want to help, we are helping and we will help the handicapped whose successes are not awarded on the market but even though they deserve our deep admiration and respect.

There are some people among us for who a single step is as difficult as solution of difficult task or painting of beautiful picture. Their goals seems to be incomparable to ours, their worlds seems to be parallel to ours. We can connect our worlds and unify our goals. Appreciation of quality of our products and services by our customers make us able to help others and we turn such potential into real acts.

Pleasure from help and smile of donee enriches us in return and helps us to be better people.

"10.7.2010 C-MODUL gave a donation to civic association VerVia to buy rehabilitation equipment Morten duo 3."

Rehabilitation equipment Morten duo 3

is designed to separated exercise of arms and legs sitting or inlying position for physically disabled children from the ages of three years to adulthood (e.g. stroke, transverse paralysis, paraplegia, muscular dystrophy …). Device with an electric motor moves with arms and legs allowing blood circulation. It helps patients to relax stiff muscles and maintain its mobility. More info

Civi association VerVia

tries since 2009 to help parents and children with physical, sense or personality disabilities. The goal of association is to build a “Family center Filip” which will provide families with disabled children complex assistance in form of specific services, rehabilitation and counseling. For more details see